[Premiere]: A Billion Robots – Eyes On You (Feat. Nathan Walters)

A BIllion Robots Eyes On You

A Billion Robots – Eyes On You (Feat. Nathan Walters)

Music is not only something to turn up to. It’s a way to express one’s emotions and feelings. It’s a way to tell a story. And that’s definitely something English producer David Brown, better known as A Billion Robots, understands. Having previously been a champion of the Melbourne Bounce sound, he’s decided to change directions to something a bit different with his latest track ‘Eyes On You‘. He had this to say about this shift in music direction:

“After producing Melbourne Bounce for a couple of years, it started to feel as if my music was lacking emotion and my productions didn’t connect with me… like a robot manufacturing music. I wanted to create music that had the ability to connect with people – music that told a story. This is where the idea of creating a concept album emerged from and “Eyes On You” is the first chapter of an incredible love story shared between two people (or robots)… Every single I am releasing this year represents a new chapter in this love story, and I can not wait to share it with the world.”

As enjoyable as his Melbourne Bounce tracks are, it seems like A Billion Robots has found his groove with this new sound. Featuring LA-based vocalist Nathan Walters’ emotive vocals, he creates not just a track, but a real & meaningful song. If this is to be representative of his future releases then we’re definitely looking forward to them. Check out ‘Eyes On You’ below.

A Billion Robots – Eyes On You (Feat. Nathan Walters)