Cristoph’s “Voice Of Silence” Is Finally Out On ‘Pryda Presents’


Cristoph – Voice of Silence

One of the most sought-after tracks in dance music has finally been released. For months Cristoph’s “Voice of Silence” has been lighting up dance floors around the world, and now it is available for continuous listening pleasure.

In the past couple years Cristoph has made a name for himself as the protege of the titanic Eric Prydz. The two of them have toured relentlessly together, Cristoph will be a resident at Prydz’ upcoming Ibiza residency, and most of all, “Voice of Silence” will be Cristoph’s third release on Prydz’ elusive ‘Pryda Presents’ imprint.

As of now the only other artist to be featured on the label is Tonja Holma, which is one of Prydz’ many aliases. There are few artists in the world of electronic music who are respected on the level of Eric Prydz, and he has put his full support behind Cristoph.

One listen to “Voice of Silence” will explain why. Similar to his mentor, Cristoph produces tracks that are epics in and of themselves. Passive harmonic ideas remain present from start finish, morphing into grand spectacles and reverting back to their original form. All while vocal melodies find a balance of light and dark; a chilling ode to the idea of silence.

“Voice of Silence” is out now on Pryda Presents. Listen to the track below, and also check out the second track on the EP, “Vanquish”, which was released as a Beatport exclusive.

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