Steve Aoki (feat. Lil Yachty & AJR) – Pretender

Steve Aoki Pretender

Steve Aoki (feat. Lil Yachty & AJR) – Pretender

Earlier this month, Lil Yachty put out a request to produce a “big edm song” to perform at a music festival. This request was quickly followed by a tweet from deadmau5 shutting down Lil Yachty’s proposal on behalf of the EDM community. However, not long after the initial tweet, it seems like Yachty got what he asked for.

Steve Aoki is well known for his collaborations with various talents of many different genres of music. After making it known sometime ago that he wanted to produce more hip hop music opposed to just dance music, Aoki began collaborating with hip hop artists. It comes as no surprise that Aoki would be the one to step up to the plate for Yachty’s request as the two have actually worked together once before in the past. Lil Yachty was featured on the song ‘Night Call’ alongside Migos on Aoki’s latest album, Kolony. But I guess the song didn’t qualify as a “big edm song” as it was shadowed by the countless other collaborative works on the album. Now the two have just come up with a new song called ‘Pretender’ which features Yachty and AJR on the vocals.

Aoki may be the best DJ for Yachty to collaborate with in order to grant the second portion of his request, to perform the track at a music festival. During Aoki’s Kolony album tour, Desiigner joined Aoki for most of the stops where the two performed their song ‘Mic Drop’ together.

Take a listen to Lil Yachty and Steve Aoki’s new song, ‘Pretender’, below now and be sure to keep a look out for the two to perform the song together at an upcoming show.