Bear Grillz- Wicked (feat. Sullivan King)

wickedBear Grillz- Wicked (feat. Sullivan King)

Be warned, this new Bear Grillz song is not for the faint of heart. The American producer has created a strong presence in the dubstep and electronic community. Known for his headbanging production skills, each song he releases seems to only go harder and harder. His new track is out today, and it’s titled ‘Wicked’ featuring Sullivan King, another producer known for insane dubstept. The combination of the two is simply insane.

‘Wicked’ kicks off with dark synths break down into an energetic electronic guitar. Then suddenly the track begins to build up rapidly into an absolute headbanging drop. The song explodes with energy then breaks down again. The break down only lasts about eight beats until another build up begins and another monster drop comes in. If you’re in the mood to turn the hell up, this is definitely the song for you.

Bear Grillz and Sullivan King’s monster collab ‘Wicked’ is out today on Monstercat. Check it out below.