deadmau5 Shuts Down Lil Yachty’s Request For DJ Collab

If deadmau5 is in the headlines, chances are he’s beefing in the Twitterverse. This time is no different as he shuts down Lil Yachty‘s outreach for a DJ collaboration. Seems like Lil Yachty caught sight of how much fun performing at a EDM festival looks and wanted to be a part of it. In a recent tweet, Yachty announced that he wanted to collab with a DJ to produce a “big edm song” to perform at a festival.

Not long after Yachty’s tweet, deadmau5 responded with the three simple words of “I’m good. Thanks.” This obviously didn’t sit well with Lil Yachty as he quickly shot back a with some profanity. Diplo’s parody account also pitched in his two cents in the defense of Yachty by stating that he wasn’t specifically requesting deadmau5 for a collab but really just wanted a “BIG” edm song with any DJ.

Can you really blame Yachty for this request though? Surprise guests at festivals create some of the most memorable moments and combining the best of both worlds only makes things better. Check out the exchanges below.