Recondite – Rainmaker EP

Recondite Rainmaker EPRecondite – Rainmaker EP

Lorenz Brunner, also known as German producer Recondite, is more than a techno artist. Music is his way of escaping the physical realm. He is more physically oriented, which draws the shapeless world of thoughts and feelings to his new album on the way. Rainmaker comes out on May 30th via Afterlife Recordings.

Crafted from delicate, yet powerful components that are Recondite’s signature sound comes Rainmaker, a six-track EP . Free-fall from the tense opener ‘Valvate’ through various shades of his techno sound. You become instantly enchanted by the alluring melodies and hypnotized to dance. ‘Rufus’ provides euphoria while ‘Step Back’ is trippy and minimal. ‘Arcane’ finishes with a haunting atmosphere vibe.

The EP will be available digitally and as a double-pack vinyl. This will be Brunner’s first solo EP off the Tale of Us label. It follows tracks on both of the Realm Of Consciousness compilations. Brunner lives suspended between two worlds but that’s what makes his music so sincere. He’s played at numerous Afterlife events in Ibiza, Tulum and more.

Hearing a Recondite record means peering into Brunner’s soul. Every crisp drum sound, every silky pad, every somber acid line reveals something lurking in his subconscious. What he struggles to express, he conveys with his music. This is what makes his music so entrancing. He has produced techno singles on Dystopian and albums on Acid Test, Innervisions and Ghostly International. His productions radiate with a sincerity that’s very rare in dance music. These elemental sounds comes across his live acts as well. Brunner has a laptop job that is simple and dynamic. It is no wonder he earned the #1 spot on Resident Advisor’s 2014 year end poll.

Get into the mind of a contemplative techno artist and stream the EP below. Pre-order the digital copy here and the vinyl copy here.

Recondite – Rainmaker EP | Download