Borgore Releases a…Jazz Album?

Israeli EDM producer and DJ Borgore just released a jazz album called Adventures in Time and we have to say, this is a groovy collection. Normally known for his dubstep, electro and trap production, he is also known for being the former drummer of a deathcore band Shabira. The influence of heavy metal certainly presents in his dubstep tracks, but since Shabira was founded by classical musicians, it makes sense that Borgore would be adept at playing jazz.

Whether or not he is the drummer, pianist, or perhaps sole composer on the album is not clear, but the drumming is highly technical and more complex, and definitely the kind of stuff a deathcore drummer would be able to do.

The album is a six-track project featuring simply drums, piano, and what sounds like an upright bass. It opens with a killer bass solo, and certainly sounds like three musicians in a studio recording at once with comments heard in the background of the recording.

To be fair this didn’t come completely out of the blue. The jazz at the beginning of his dubstep track ‘Salad Dressing’ music video could have been a clue about things to come.

Stream the fun (and let’s be honest, fire) Adventures in Time on Spotify below: