LSD – Audio

LSD – Audio

What is the world without music? If you imagine even for a minute how music impacts your life – how it inspires, motivates, evokes sadness and comfort at the same time, helps us groove and so much more – it’s hard to imagine a life without tunes. LSD’s new track ‘Audio‘ and the accompanying video are somewhat of a tribute to how fantastic, magical, beautiful and inspiring music is.

Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo make up the new supergroup LSD and dropped their first single Genius exactly one week ago today. In comparison to ‘Genius’ which is a truly psychedelic funky pop track, ‘Audio’ is a relaxed electronica tune. Diplo’s influence and production are definitely on the track but isn’t what you would usually expect from the dynamic deejay.

The ‘Audio’ music video features real-world Diplo putting an ‘LSD’ cassette into a car and driving off. He speeds past an animated floating balloon Sia as she accompanies a girl walking home from school. The rest of the music video includes Labrinth dancing through the streets, snippets of the animated world merging with reality, and a hypnotic dance routine.

Hopefully, next Thursday brings an all-new LSD track, because this one left us wanting more. Listen to ‘Audio’ below!

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