Deadmau5 Shares Enthusiastic Rezz Conversation About Collaboration

enthusiastic rezz

On Twitter today, legendary Canadian producer deadmau5 shared a screenshot of a conversation showing just how enthusiastic Rezz is about collaborating with him. Perhaps a little nervous too, second-guessing herself, but the message is clear: the previously hinted deadmau5 and Rezz collab is coming soon.

Looking to try some slower tempo beats around 85bpm, this would bring deadmau5’s music down a little bit and fit nicely with his fellow Canadian’s sound. Rezz could be considered Joel Zimmerman’s protege, having first taken the leap into electronic music after watching him streaming some production live. Her first EP was released on mau5trap records, and she says her next album is done.

In response to the lengthy text, it looks like Zimmerman slapped together a beat at 85bpm and it is already a monster. It sounds perfect for a Rezz track, with an oscillating hi-hat and edgy synths. Give it a listen on Instagram below and get hype!

Here you go @officialrezz fuckit yolo swag 85bae

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