New Deadmau5 Rob Swire Collab Previewed on Twitch Stream

There is probably no artist in the dance music scene that has a creative process more transparent than deadmau5. He streams many of his producing sessions and previews his unfinished productions on his streams as well. Deadmau5 even famously found a vocalist for ‘The Veldt’ this way. Deadmau5 may make plenty of great music, but only a select handful are vocal tracks. That’s why its even more exciting that he is returning to a tried and true collaborator to preview another huge vocal track.

Deadmau5 previewed a new track on his Twitch stream, which is known as ‘Monophobia‘ at this point. To spice it up the track features the haunting vocals of Knife Party’s Rob Swire, who previously offered up his vocal chops on the legendary “Ghosts N’ Stuff”. While it might be a work in progress, this track has some serious potential and the fans are obviously loving it already. Might this be another deadmau5 track on level with “The Veldt” or “Let Go”? We think it could be. Check out the preview below.