Kaskade x Brohug x Mr. Tape- FUN (ft. Madge) [Preview]


Kaskade x Brohug x Mr. Tape- FUN (ft. Madge) [Preview]

Kaskade is ready to show the world how much “fun” he’s having. In his recent sets, the Cali superstar has been boasting tracks from Brohug and upcoming duo Mr. Tape. Both of their sounds are two-stepping infused house music, a style Kaskade has been aggressively tapping into. It only seems fitting that the three of them are joining forces for a new song titled ‘FUN’ which will be out this Friday, May 11th.

In a recent Facebook post, Kaskade played a 30 second snippet of the upcoming track via the upcoming music video. The video features all the producers involved, including ‘FUN’ vocalist Madge. The song has an acoustic guitar, along with a xylophone-like melody. Everyone in the video has a phone covering their mouths with lips on the screen mouthing “I wanna have some fun”. The song and video are both corky, but super catchy at the same time. If you caught any of Kaskade’s recent sets or his new EDC Mixtape, you would’ve heard the full version.

You can check out the Facebook post below. Make sure to snag your copy of ‘FUN’ this Friday when it comes out.


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Posted by Kaskade on Tuesday, May 8, 2018