Main Square Festival To Conquer The North Of France

When you think of catching an electronic show in Europe, you normally think of heading off to Germany or the Netherlands. But have you ever considered doing a tour on the country side of France, visiting a medieval town and having a blast at an ancient citadel? You can and should: Main Square Festival, in Arras, France is the perfect plan for you this summer.

Taking place in Arras, a little city in the north of France known for its architecture and historic buildings, Main Square Festival happens at the beginning of the festival season in Europe and is one of France’s largest music festivals. With Live Nation as a promoter and top of the line artists on the bill, the 3-day event covers a wide variety of music tastes. Whether you’re into rock, indie, EDM or hip-hop, you’ll definitely find some tunes to your liking on the lineup.

As for you, electronic music lovers, the upcoming edition of Main Square Festival will feature some big Euro-stars. Get prepared to see Paul Kalkbrenner, Boris Brejcha and Justice. And if you’re into rock or funk, you can also indulge yourself with Jamiroquai, Depeche Mode or Queens Of The Stone Age, among other fine names.

Main Square Festival is happening on July 6, 7 and 8, 2018, and limited tickets are still available. Make sure to book yours here before it’s too late. Camping tickets are also for sale.

Main Square Festival To Conquer The North Of France Lineup