LISTEN: Avicii’s “Heaven” Ft. Chris Martin Leaked

It’s been just over a month since Swedish DJ and producer, Avicii, passed away in Oman. Prior to his passing, Tim was busy working on a new studio album. Following his 2017 EP titled Avīci (01), Tim told his fans that more music was in the works. During his time in the studio, Avicii had been working with many artists including Chris Martin from Coldplay, as seen in a scene from Avicii’s documentary “True Stories”. In the scene, the two artists were working on a collaboration called “Heaven”. Unfortunately, the song was never officially released.

During Kingsland Festival Nicky Romero played out a nearly completed version of the track that Tim had given him. Now it appears that this version (or one very close to it) has been leaked online. We still don’t think this is the final version that will (eventually) get released, but it’s very close to it. While listening to the emotional song, you can clearly hear Tim’s signature sound combined with the lyrics “I think I just died / and went to heaven” sung by Chris Martin. While we will never be able to hear Heaven live with Tim on stage, we can continue to listen to his music and hope he is at rest and in a better place. We will not provide a download link, but there is a stream of the leak below.

Avicii – Heaven Feat Chris Martin