Rita Ora States That Kygo’s “It Ain’t Me” Was Written About Her

photo via Wearefan

Last weekend at Kygo‘s Coachella set, Rita Ora filled in for Selena Gomez‘s part during the performance of “It Ain’t Me.” After the performance Rita Ora talked to AOL entertainment and clued us into the deeper meaning behind the smash hit.

According to Ora:

“we have been trying to work together for a while, and he just called me and I couldn’t say no.” She continued, “he asked if I could do him the favor of singing the song, and I loved that song. It was written by my same writing camp, so I already knew it. I was like, ‘Easy! And I’m [already] here!’”

It’s easy to get lost in translation, but just to confirm, Ora is not dating Kygo. “It Ain’t Me” is an ode to the hot and cold romance between Ora and songwriter/producer Andrew Watts.

We’re curious to see if Kygo brings out any other special guests during his Coachella Weekend Two performance. Perhaps Selena Gomez?