Kaskade Opens An Inherently Human Discussion Via Journal

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After Tim Bergling‘s (Avicci) recent suicide, Kaskade has decided to use his platform to speak out through his online journal. Ryan Raddon (Kaskade) posted on his own website expressing a deeply personal message in wake of the increase in suicides.

“I can relate to feeling that this life is too much and that I am not enough. Can’t you?”

Consequently, Kaskade emphasized how media effects our perspective of reality – and how he is not exempt from these feelings. The images and larger than life posts plastered on social media are only highlighted aspects of people’s lives. These posts don’t include the growing number of individuals who are combating depression and anxiety on a daily basis.

“How many people in our lives do we look past daily or weekly or even once-in-a-lifetime who need us to look AT them?”

The text reads as an open letter to humanity post-digitization, identifying a cause of deep seated loneliness for many. But regardless of these problems that must be overcome, there is a solution. Most importantly the message boils down to the idea that we have the power to influence every one that we come in contact with. We have the option to either make their life better for having crossed paths, or to disregard this and continue down the isolated path.

Kaskade’s journal can be found here.