Excision & Illenium Tease Their Upcoming Track

Excision & Illenium

This 2018 festival season is about to be a banger. One indicator of the beautiful filth that is in store for the headbangers that catch XΒ and Illenuim at every opportunity – is a teaser of a new song that they’ve been working on.

First of all, Nick Miller (Illenium) released a statement prior to Excision’s Instagram video expressing his excitement for the release of the song with the legend of Legend Valley. Regarding the state of the Tweet, Illenium’s excitement is pretty clear from his last sentence.

With the two hottest producers in the dubstep scene collaborating on one song, we know this single will be turning a lot of heads when the full release is dropped. Consequently this preview reveals the most notable aspects of the artists individual strengths.

As you can hear here their unique sounds overlap into one intense, rail-breaking, heart attack-inducing rush. But is the sound game-changing? We’ll let you decide.