‘Remedy State’ is a New Artist Wellness Retreat Designed By Former OWSLA Managers

Mental health has always been a prevalent issue in the music industry. Long months on tour and endless solitary hours in the studio can take its tole on many musicians’ psyche, and few of these artists have the resources or outlets to deal with these issues when they get critical.

This is why the wellness retreat hosted by Blaise DeAngelo and Ben Turner, both former label managers at OWSLA, has been launched. Meet Remedy State: a retreat that mixes wellness-focused activities such as nature walks, breathing exercises, vegetarian food options, and spirituality discussions.

DeAgnelo went on to discuss this move by saying:

“For a long time the mantra has been sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. . . We’re not trying to be antithetical to that, or have the naïveté to think we’re going to change that, but what Ben and I realized is that there needs to be a balance. Artists are dealing with late nights, sustained solitude, creative pressures…you really need to take care of yourself.”

Learn more about Remedy State on their website.