Justin Bieber Protects Woman Being Abused At Coachella Event

Justin Bieber Saves Girl From Abuse At Afterparty

Justin Bieber has been known to get into his fair share of trouble and infamous altercations. In the recent years, the talented superstar has found God and as a result, he has truly cleaned up his act.

In celebration of his newfound peace and happiness, the young musician has been living life to the fullest – and what better way to find one’s bliss than at a music festival.

Coachella welcomes its fair share of celebrities and music enthusiasts. Among the crowd this year, the Canadian heartthrob has been enjoying everything that the event offers. This includes interacting with friends and fans, and the highly anticipated after-parties.

On Saturday night, it has been reported that the Stratford artist ended up in a fight after witnessing an unnamed woman being grabbed by the throat by an angry ex-boyfriend at a Coachella-related party hosted by Patrick Schwarzenegger.

If you are a true ‘belieber’, you know that this is not something that Justin would take lightly. The Source has reported that he and his friends yelled at the angry man to get off of her, but the man screamed “Go f*ck yourself” and continued to maintain his grip. The multi-millionaire decided to step in to assist.

Furthermore, Bieber persists by punching the man in the face and threw him against the wall. The woman was able to break free.

Inside sources have stated that the violent ex appeared to be on drugs. The clearly targeted domestic dispute was directed solely to his ex-girlfriend. After the physical dispute ended, the man was instantly thrown out and was later found shouting Justin’s name and slamming on a vehicle.

TMZ has confirmed that the police came later on and arrested the man.

Our thoughts are with the victim. We hope that she finds the help that she needs in order to get over this traumatic event. As for Bieber, we send our utmost respect – you should be feeling very proud of your selfless act.

Maybe this is the 1st step to his long-term plan. Continue to be good to others and everything else will fall into place.