Beyonce’s Headlining Coachella Performance Doubled as Destiny’s Child Reunion

Destinys Child 2018
image via Al Pereira/Wire Image

Beyonce‘s “BeyHive” will have much to buzz about for months to come after her historic headlining Coachella performance on Saturday night. The pop icon made history by being the first black female headliner in Coachella’s 19 years and she made sure not to disappoint her army of loyal fans.

The two-hour set never faltered in energy as the Coachella crowd sang along to her greatest hits and Beyonce pulled out all the intricately choreographed moves alongside her brilliant dancers and an over-the-top brass band. The throwback performance paid homage to the career-defining moments of her solo career as well as the era before her solo career—with the help of some special guests.

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined the stage for the highly-anticipated and rumored Destiny’s Child reunion. The show truly came full circle as the pop trio sang a series of their 90’s classics including a chilling rendition of “Say My Name.” That alone was enough to give us FOMO for a lifetime. Jay-Z and Solange also accompanied Beyonce onstage but like always in true Beyonce fashion—her fierceness could not be out shined. If we learned anything from Beyonce’s performance, it’s that good things come to those that wait—even if it’s a whole year. I guess that’s why they call her Queen Bee.

Check out highlights from Beyonce’s performance the Destiny’s Child Reunion below.