Hyperloop Teases New EP With S-Sound featuring Green Velvet

Hyperloop feat. Green Velvet

After bursting his way into the house and techno scene in late 2017 with ‘In the Loop’, Hyperloop is preparing us for the launch of his Mentalizm EP. Today, we were teased with ‘S-Sound’ featuring world famous producer Green Velvet a track to come on his EP later this month. At first listen, its easy to discern where Hyperloop gets his name from, the core of the track is essentially a loop of the same series of beats.

The track itself starts off with a dark techno/house tone however, it doesn’t take long for one to feel their body grooving to the rhythm. As the uncomplicated 5 note melody fades into the forefront, one can be found closing their eyes and getting lost. A minimal yet rhythmic track, one can definitely pick up on the styles of both Hyperloop and Green Velvet and they do not disappoint. As the track comes to a close, one could only be left wanting more which makes us very excited to hear the rest of his EP on April 23, 2018.