Apple Fires Employees Caught Leaking Sensitive Material + New Gold iPhone X Image Leaks

Major Leaks Leading to the iPhone X Launch

Apple may be one of the best companies in the world at building hype and commotion for new products before even being released. When someone from the inside leaks information to the public, their moment of surprise is ruined. Over the past several years, Apple has increased their security to protect inventions and product information.

According to a new report, Apple sent a threatening memo to employees stating that last year they caught 29 employees leaking material, 12 of whom were caught were arrested. Apple also stated that “these people not only lose their jobs, they can face extreme difficulty finding employment elsewhere.” Ironically, this memo was leaked to the public.

Last year, massive amounts of leaks were released into the public via Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Among those leaks were iPhone X blueprints and software enhancements (See Photo Below). There were even photographs and video clips of the new iPhone being produced in a factory. When Apple revealed the iPhone X in September, nearly everyone already knew what to expect from the device.

iPhone X Leak from September of 2017


Most of the time, employees unintentionally leak sensitive materials into the public. Those working for Apple are often targeted by press and bloggers who will do anything for hints on future products. Employees are often persuaded into talking about projects at work and may even accidentally expose new products. Accidents happen, but unfortunately, Apple does not give second chances to those who expose the companies invaluable secrets. Just this past Monday, leaks from an FCC filing revealed a Gold iPhone X model (See Below).

New Gold iPhone X Model LeakedWhile leaked information about new Apple products seems like great news for those who can’t wait for the official reveals, it can severely damage Apple financially. Competitors in the tech industry will have more time to adjust their own products and Apple can lose potential buyers. It only makes sense that Apple would take whatever measures are necessary to protect its values and products.

Read the entire Memo from Apple HERE.