Fyre Festival Disaster Will Be Further Immortalized in Upcoming Docuseries

Fyre FestFyre Festival—the well-documented shit show that flooded our social media feeds last year—is proving that it’s notoriety isn’t fading anytime soon.

The short-lived festival notoriously made headlines back in April 2017, due to the live-tweeting of the disastrous conditions by its frantic festivalgoers. Now, the infamous event will be further immortalized in documentary format.

Billboard, Mic, and The Cinemart have just signed off on development for a multi-part documentary series that will stream on Hulu and will chronicle the on-going investigation and prior events that led up to the doomed festival. You can expect a ton of unreleased details and exclusive footage including interviews with the festival’s promoters and attendees.

Fyre Festival’s founder, 25-year-old entrepreneur Billy McFarland is currently awaiting sentencing for two counts of wire fraud in connection with the event. McFarland is looking at a possible 8-10 year sentence, which was reduced from 20 years after acceptance of a plea deal. He faces his sentencing hearing on June 21st.

Hulu is set to release the documentary in 2019.