Destructo Launches Brand New All My Friends Radio Show On Sirius XM

Destructo has been busy lately with the new All My Friends brand. With an upcoming maiden voyage for the AMF cruise festival scheduled for the end of the year and a two-day festival happening in LA during August, the former HARD Events visionary is blowing up the scene. And he’s not done yet – now fans will have yet another way to connect to Gary Richards and his eclectic musical style. Every Thursday at 9PM EST, Destructo will be hosting an AMFAMFAMF radio show on the Diplo’s Revolution channel on Sirius XM. And the first episode is already available on SoundCloud for all to listen!

The track selection for the first episode of AMF is definitely representative of Destructo’s love of underground style house and hip hop. A few Destructo tracks, Shiba San‘s ‘Okay,’ and ‘Westcoaster‘ by Phlegmatic Dogs are no surprise. But also included are MIA‘s ‘Bad Girls‘ and ‘The Baddest‘ by Barclay Crenshaw. Multiple tracks from RL Grime and Jamie XX are featured in the mix as well. Although it represents a diverse musical taste, the combination so many different genres and styles makes the overall mix slightly lacking in coherence and flow – though it’s definitely an intriguing balance.

Give the first episode of the AMF radio show a listen below and let us know what you think about it! Do you enjoy Destructo’s variety of music, or is the track selection a little too sporadic and inconsistent for you?