Steve Angello Releases “Nothing Scares Me Anymore”, Announces New Album Release Date

On the brink of Miami Music Week, we’ve been blessed with new music, new record labels, and crazy news. Between the three, some of it has left many of us excited and/or confused – but that’s beside the point. As we close in on Ultra Music Festival this weekend, speculation surrounding the surprise guest has put Steve Angello and Swedish House Mafia in the news quite a bit.

However, Steve Angello is in the news for a different reason this time. On Monday, Steve took to Twitter, tweeting out a simple word: “Thursday”.

IMAGINE IF HE WROTE FRIDAY? OR SUNDAY? I think fans everywhere would go into a frenzy. Twitter would shut down. THE INTERNET WOULD BE BROKEN.

But no. Over the next day or so after that, news broke that he would be dropping a single on Thursday, titled “Nothing Scares Me Anymore”. Today, we’ve finally been blessed with the track.

Released on Size Records, “Nothing Scares Me Anymore” is beautifully crafted with the vocals by Grammy Award-winning musician Sam Martin. Martin’s voice blends perfectly with Steve’s dark production. As the clock ticks and violin strings are plucked, Martin’s melody drops in and delivers a heavenly feel. The progression of this track is simply incredible and delivers an almost dark feel that is masked into a feel good drop of sound.

This is Steve Angello at his best – give it a listen here.

And if that wasn’t enough, Angello announced that his full album, “HUMAN” will be dropping on April 27th, 2018.

Don’t they say good things come in threes? We’re waiting for that Ultra announcement, Steve.