Woman Wants To Buy Ticket For Outlook Festival, Buys Microsoft Outlook Instead

We all know that making purchases online can be a tricky business. And we also know that every time we do it, we should double-check all the information regarding the item we are acquiring in order to minimize the risk of receiving a product that is not quite what we ordered.

However, it could be possible that sometimes we don’t realize about the error until it’s too late. This is the case of a woman that purchased Microsoft Outlook by mistake, while she was intending to buy a ticket for the Outlook Festival, which will be held in Croatia from September 5th to September 9th, 2018.

The woman, whose name has not been made public, has recently contacted Outlook Festival Customer Support in an effort to amend this error and get back her money. Disappointed, she claimed that she has been misled to purchase the software when she wanted to get the festival tickets. She claimed that the main reason for this confusion is that the festival ticket and the computer program were sold as the same price.

The odd thing is that she not only wants a refund – it looks like she’s also trying to get a (free?) ticket to the event:

“I am not angry and just want this nightmare to be sorted out, so please can you refund and issue a new ticket to me please I would be greatly appreciative.”

What this woman might not be considering is that she technically has never bought the ticket to the event – so it’s highly likely that Outlook Festival’s organizers will refuse to issue her a new ticket.

In any case, we recommend that you of all EDM lovers out there be always careful before filling in your credit card details for buying something on the internet. Always make sure that you buy your tickets from the authorized – and the right – websites only.