Never Say Die Records Releases Fifth Annual Showcase Mix

If you’ve been following Never Say Die Records for some time, you know by now that every year they release an annual mix showcasing the best songs released on the label over the past year, as well as unreleased tunes that NSD artists have been testing and supporting all year. On the same day that Excision dropped his year mix, Never Say Die joined the party with their massive dubstep mix, jam-packed with several tunes you’ll definitely recognize from 2017, while the good majority of songs in the mix are yet to be released IDs.

As is tradition, the mix was put together by Never Say Die founder SKisM. Artists featured on the mix include SKisM himself, Zomboy, Eptic, MUST DIE!, Trampa, Space Laces and Spag Heddy among many others. Based on the ID filled tracklist alone, it looks like Never Say Die is about to have one heck of a 2018. You can take a listen to NSD Vol. 5 on Soundcloud below, and don’t worry, you won’t have to wait very long for all the IDs to be revealed, the full NSD Vol. 5 album officially drops on December 11th!