Excision Ushers in a New Era, Releases First Annual Lost Lands Mix

Exactly two months ago to the day, the first annual Lost Lands Music Festival Presented by Excision kicked off. With all eyes in the industry watching to see what a first-year, all bass music festival had in store, Lost Lands was nearly flawless save for a short delay on night one, and boasted zero drug related hospital transports—a rare feat for a festival these days. Shortly following the festival, Excision announced that he would be bringing his annual Shambhala Festival mix to an end, and would be replacing it with an annual Lost Lands mix. Well folks, the release of this highly anticipated mix has finally arrived, presented alongside an extensive compilation album, as well as the release of his latest single with Dion Timmer, “Hoods Up.”

The first annual Lost Lands mix is very similar to the set X played live at the festival, but about 40 minutes shorter. Included in the mix is one of the most ridiculous intros we’ve ever heard, proudly boasting a good majority of Excision’s biggest hits, all strung together into one high powered mega-mashup intro. The intro sets the tone for the rest of the mix; if you were unable to attend the festival, take a listen to best replicate the phenomenal experience, and don’t miss out on attending next year.

The Lost Lands Compilation album features tracks used in both his live set and the new mix, with the new Dion Timmer collaboration prominently placed as the lead track. If you’ve been looking for about a weeks worth of quality dubstep, look no further than the freshly minted mix, his new single “Hoods Up,” and the compilation album below.