Instagram Slides An Upgrade Right Into Your DM With New Replay and Remix Features

Your direct messages with friends on Instagram just got a big improvement. Instagram Version 24 is now available, bringing upgrades to the photo and video features of its DM feature.

Like Snapchat, Instagram photos and videos in direct messages disappear after a single viewing. With this new version, however, you have the option of allowing images to replay. And that’s not all! Instagram’s newest photo editing program, aptly titled “Remix,” allows you to interact with friend’s photos like never before.

The replay function is a long overdue improvement for Instagram’s direct messaging feature. Users can now select from two options: “One View” or “Allow Replay.” The names are self-explanatory, but the replay option does have an interesting function. According to Instagram “[p]hotos and videos sent with “Allow Replay” loop automatically and your friends can tap and hold to pause.” This feature allows user to capture a funny moment in a video or pause to talk to a coworker. Use your imagination to think of all the other fun ways it could be used.

What we think is definitely the more innovative of the two additions is the new remix feature. As seen in the image above, this interesting bit of software lets the user respond directly to a photo with a photo of their own. The cool part? It uses the image you are replying to as a sticker! Add filters, rotate, resize, or draw on your friends to create a fun thread of pictures. Send posts back and forth between two people or start a group for even more excitement.

So hurry up and get to the App Store on your Android or iPhone. Download the newest version of Instagram. It won’t take long for people to start finding creative new ways to use these features!