Miami’s Legendary Nightclub LIV Shows Off Its Renovations, New LED Spider

Anyone who parties in Miami knows about LIV nightclub. Opened in 2007, LIV continues light up the Miami dance music scene. It quickly became one of the most iconic clubs in the U.S. dance music world. Superstars like HardwellTiestoKaskade, and Skrillex, have all made appearances at LIV. And now, for its tenth birthday, LIV has made some major upgrades.

In a video for New Miami Times, club owner David Grutman broke down the new features that come along with the recent renovations.

“We’re really proud of what we’ve done in the past but I’m more excited about what’s going to happen in the future… Lots of new renovations… My favorite personal one is the spider… It does crazy things. It’s 400 LED screens… We do have new cryo and we do have new LED screens all around the club so its a full 360 experience.”

That’s right. 400 LED screens have been placed on this massive ceiling display, and each one can be programmed individually or built into a larger visual display. The whole array also allows each screen to move up and down individually, making for an incredibly dynamic viewing experience. The new LED screens on the walls and around the club also aim to impress. They can also be coordinated with the giant “spider,” creating club space nothing short of unique.

Although they don’t like to “date” the club, Grutman figured the tenth anniversary was a good time for the upgrades. As a club owner he wants to “set the bar for everybody else,” with LIV standing above the rest.

To really get a sense of these unbelievable renovations you have to see the video -check it out on the Miami New Times article here. And if you head there soon let us know how your experience at LIV goes, especially the spider!