The USA Has The Most Record Shops In The World

Discogs and VinylHub recently collaborated to conduct a survey on record shops around the globe, and the results are in. The USA currently has the most record shops out of the entire world.

Reports have been made that vinyl sales are increasing, especially in the USA. To be exact, 1,482 record shops are open in America right now. This is followed by 537 in the UK and 453 in Germany. The top record cities in the USA are New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. Tokyo has 93.

Vinyl records have had their time come and go, just like tape cassettes did and now CDs. However, vinyls have retained a desire to keep them for their artwork and, as of late, many people have begun to restart or begin their own vinyl collections with artists sharing their music on vinyl more often as a nod to the past. The appreciation for such an art form is clearly exemplified in the USA with such a large presence of record shops – and we hope that doesn’t change anytime soon.