Dear Las Vegas…This Is For You

What do you get when you put Zedd, Tiesto, NGHTMRE, Kascade, Steve Aoki, and Celine Dion on the same lineup card? In short, one magical night that provided a necessary boost of hope for the citizens of Sin City.

In the wake of one of America’s darkest tragedies in recent memory, some of EDM’s biggest stars banded together for a cause near and dear to their hearts- giving back to the city and their fans in a massive way. Led by the previously mentioned artists, Hakkasan Group raised over $1,000,000 through donations, ticket sales, and all revenue earned throughout the night, all of which is being donated to the Las Vegas Victims Fund, via the Direct Impact Fund. Moreover, the night was a necessary distraction for a beleaguered city in need of a spark of hope.

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This event was another example of the EDM world banding together to better the world at large. Aoki, Tiesto, Diplo, and countless others donated thousands as part of viral challenges to deliver funding to the victims, truly embodying the communal aspect that drew so many fans worldwide to the genre. Their philanthropic deeds is yet another sign that the artists we listen to through our headphones possess compassionate hearts and pursue generosity that is genuine and true.

Las Vegas will always be a mecca for dance music. This event is proof that the city, its citizens, and the DJs who perform there to thousands each weekend are taking strides to reinvigorate the emphatic energy synonymous with the Las Vegas Strip and the clubs that call it home.

To the DJs and staff that provided this night of entertainment for such a noble cause, thank you. You are are clarity.