Alison Wonderland – Happy Place

Alison Wonderland is getting personal. With her latest track ‘Happy Place‘, she aims to reveal some of her latest personal struggles with depression, and trying to find her happy place.

The artist revealed in an interview with triple j that fans who have been to her shows have likely heard a version of it, as she has been playing it live since it was a demo. The verses relate to when she was in a “super super dark state of mind” and chose to reach out to her friends instead of doing something about it herself. She wanted to bring the message that it’s not embarrassing to have or talk about mental illness.

The track opens with a focus on the lyrics. The buildup to the drop throws you off with a quarter note triplet into a distinctly Alison trap bass overlaid with the mantra “fuck me up on a spiritual level.” The drop is dark, and she says it’s like desperately trying to feel something through the haze of depression.

Alison Wonderland claimed the coveted “New Artist of the Year” at the Electronic Music Awards for 2017, and ranked 89th on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list for 2017. ‘Happy Place’ is a single off her upcoming album ‘Awake‘.

You can catch her at the upcoming Scarehouse Project, the third edition of the Warehouse Project, or on tour, all tickets available here.

Give the track a listen below.

Alison Wonderland – Happy Place

Listen to her full interview with triple j below: