Porter Robinson is very serious about Worlds 2

Yup. You heard right. Porter Robinson has just announced that he is planning to release Worlds 2. He put out a tweet just after 10 A.M. on Halloween assuring Porter fans that he will never stray from the sound of his breakout album. This new album will excite and please any electronic music lover, and it even promises rare new collabs with “Porter Robinson 2.” Just sit back, hop into a cryotube, and freeze yourself for 1027 years for the 3044 A.D. release date.

Ok… so maybe he’s not serious.

If it hasn’t occurred to you yet, Robinson sent out this tweet to troll certain followers. After announcing his new project, Virtual Self, there was a certain amount of disdain. Like many famous creative people, Porter faces pushback from fans who are nostalgic for his old sound. Twitter user @Globalob even said that the new content posted on the Virtual Self twitter page was “too pretentious”. Similar themes of discontent were expressed throughout the thread on twitter by other users as well. But anyone thinking Porter would take these criticisms seriously would be mistaken.

Porter Robinson is no stranger to criticism about changing his musical style. As a producer who started out with Electro-House bangers like ‘Say My Name,’ Porter already spans a huge musical range. Worlds has a completely different sound than Robinson’s original work. Therefore it comes as no surprise that his next project departs from his previous musical endeavors. Especially since it seems to be under a completely different alias.

You can follow Porter Robinson and his new project Virtual Self on twitter for more updates. Also check out our previous article about Porter announcing the Virtual Self Project here!