Top Tech Websites Give Their iPhone X Review

The iPhone X will undoubtedly be the hottest device of 2017.  It’s almost time for the first round of users to receive the luxury device, but a few tech websites were lucky enough to test out the phone before anyone else.

Included in the list of new features are wireless charging, OLED screen, facial recognition and more. The most anticipated new features are the improved camera and FaceID which has replaced the former TouchID feature. People have questioned how accurate the FaceID will work and reviews were mixed on its functionality. Apple has stated that the FaceID comes with improved security, making it less likely that a random person can unlock your phone when compared to the TouchID.

With a price tag of $1,000 many people have been asking is the iPhone X worth the money? It may come with a slew of new features including Animoji (animated emoji), FaceID, wireless charging, and a super high quality camera, but in the end the user must decide if they’re willing to shell out money for an item of luxury.

Let’s take a look at what the tech experts at these five websites had to say about the iPhone X.


The editor, Matt Panzarino, at TechCrunch was able to take the phone to Disneyland to give it a go in the real world. The results were great, with him stating that the FaceID feature worked most of the time.

He stated about the new feature,”It never once unlocked using a picture of myself or another person’s face and the failure rate seemed to be about the same as Touch ID — aka almost never.” 

The Verge

The editor, Nilay Patel, at the Verge commented about the new OLED screen, saying the display was “excellent”. He added that people who have preordered the iPhone X will be happy and that this model is the best model ever made.


Reviewers at this website were impressed by the battery life of the iPhone X. New users will be happy to know that the battery on the new iPhone can last almost a whole day, well past the late-afternoon time when most phones are going dead.


This source stated that the iPhone X felt natural and is the future of Apple’s smartphones. The one downfall that was noted was the delay in the functions of the apps.

Tom’s Guide 

Tom’s Guide had an interesting statement about the size of the device. Even though the device is bigger, it still feels natural to hold. The iPhone X fits comfortably in the reviewer’s front pocket, and they were impressed by the quality of the camera.

The iPhone X will be available in two different options, a 64GB and 256GB model, ranging between $999 and $1,149. It will be officially on sale November 3.