Skrillex Gives His Thoughts On Tragedy At Burning Man

Industry leader and forerunner, Skrillex, also known as Sonny Moore, is widely known across all realms of the dance world. In addition producing hits, playing the best clubs and festivals the world has to offer, he is also a Burning Man attendee. TMZ recently had a chance to catch up with the producer as he left Catch in Los Angeles to ask what his thoughts were on the tragic death experienced at Burning Man this year and how he thought the yearly gathering would be affected. 

Sonny stated, “You know, that’s not the first time that’s happened at a festival.” He continues, “it’s tragic man. You have 70,000 people and you got a couple of people that maybe did too many drugs, or have a reason, this or that, a lot of things could happen out there and thats what partly makes Burning Man special is actually that you have very little presence of law and people are there to be self reliant, self responsible, self expressive…the majority is a free expressive, uplifting place.”

Let’s hope that Burning Man is able to overcome this tragedy and continue to be the uplifting wonderful experience that it is known to bring to so many year after year. Check out the whole interview below.