Google Employees Brought Lobsters To Burning Man


Google Employees Brought Lobsters To Burning Man

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Burning Man offers its participants a truly unforgettable experience as it is not a festival and what happens on this “decommodified” space is up to its attendees. This year, the popular event has been gaining attention for one very strange reason: a small group wanted to ensure that they did not go hungry during their stay and proceeded to order a 10-pound box of live lobsters to bring with them to the desert. Talk about avoiding being crabby!

All jokes aside, this five-star dining mission was one that was quite difficult to execute. The lobster tail begins with the crew of dedicated Google employees gathering together to implement the perfect plan. The end result was simply aspirational to all.

First, the seafood-loving group organized an overnight shipment of fresh lobsters to the impressive Google office located in Sunnyvale, California one week ahead of their journey. Second, shortly after this exceptional idea came together, they begun their crucial two day road trip to reach their highly anticipated event. Lastly, it goes without saying that the full-proof plan worked out perfectly as they all feasted in this victorious meal.

I’m sure the employees weren’t shellfish when it came down to sharing their delicious gourmet treat with their fellow Burning Man adventurers; however, one thing is for certain: the organization’s meal plan game definitely needs to step it up a notch – this feast will definitely go down in history for years to come.