Which Music Streaming Platform Pays Their Artists The Best?

Music Streaming Platforms
Music streaming platforms have been an integral force in the music realm for the past few years – with a large volume of consumers digitally – the logical concern of artist royalties was raised.

A new study from industry standard music streaming platforms has been released in which they analyze the amount paid to the artists on the respective platforms. It has been shown that YouTube pays their artists a substantial amount less than their platform competitors such as Spotify and even Apple Music.

According to Mixmag, Information is Beautiful and RIAA, who have all compiled the data regarding what artists earn from each of the respective streaming platforms, an unsigned artist with 1,000 streams can earn $6.40 on Apple Music,
$3.80 on Spotify, and a measley 60 cents from YouTube. And as expected, the platforms pay more money to signed artists – for every 1,000 streams, an artist can earn $7.30 from Apple Music, $4.40 from Spotify and 70 cents from YouTube.

The data aggregated by the RIAA combines data from Nielsen and BuzzAngle, amongst other resources, and they all found a similar trend in artist payouts from the respective streaming platforms. It’s important to note that the revenue of the streaming platform industry has grown in revenue by 60% since just last year – this is a huge indicator for the future as we expect the trend to continue!