The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’ Removed From The Hot 100

The power duo Chainsmokers achieved something amazing this year. Their hit song “Closer” celebrates remaining one full year in the Hot 100. In fact it was in the Top 40 the whole time. It looks like all that came to an end though with the song falling out of the the Hot 100, but it may not have fallen down the chart on its own. All songs drop off the chart eventually but in this case Billboard actually removed the song themselves. Turns out they have a rule that after 52 weeks they can move a song around that is in the Hot 100. Probably one of the first songs that actually had to be moved.

While this guideline can seem unfair it is meant to keep the Hot 100 fresh an new which will end up being better in the long run. Billboard is its own company and can make adjustments to their likings.

The Chainsmokers and their fans may be a little sad but they have seen more than enough of the spotlight since their song “#SELFIE” went viral a few years ago.  “Closer” has been a huge hit worldwide a people know the lyrics to it whether they want to or not. It has been played by DJ’s, rappers, pop singers and any kind of musician around the world for a year now and its time is over.