Calvin Harris Has A Bit Of Tough Luck With Portable Toilets

We all have a fear of being locked in a porta potty – or worse, having it tipped over. The highest paid DJ in the world, Calvin Harris, has actually had both of these situations happen.

In an interview at V Festival in Essex, Madness’ frontman Graham ‘Suggs’ McPherson told a story of his fellow bandmate locking Harris in a festival toilet.

“It wasn’t me, but it was a member of my band,’ Suggs admitted. “Calvin refused to sign an autograph for our sax player Lee’s daughter, so he put a scaffolding pole against the toilet.”

Suggs goes on to say that he does not condone behavior and that he had no part in it.

But this wasn’t the first time Calvin Harris has had bad luck with a festival toilet. The first incident took place at Bingley Festival in Yorkshire. There in 2009 Reverend & The Makers frontman Jon McClure got into an altercation with the DJ.

“We’ve played and Calvin’s on after and we’ve had a bit of beef, me and Calvin. So I’m on stage and I’ve said something about Calvin and he’s seen me backstage and he’s looking at me and and I’ve looked at him.”

McClure claims he had nothing to do with the incident that occurred right after, but we all know no one would wanted to have been in Calvin Harris’ position at that moment.

“He’s gone for a shit in this portaloo and I’ve left, it had nothing to do with me on my mother’s life, and the same security guards, while he was having a tom tit in the portaloo tipped him upside down.”

With his bad luck with portable toilets Calvin Harris may want to stay away from them…and also may not want to refuse an autograph.

H/T: DJ Mag, Your EDM