Sound Remedy Announces Return to Music

It’s been just about a year since Sound Remedy first went on a rant about the music industry and subsequently decided to retire from it all together.

“I AM RETIRING FROM MUSIC – It’s with a heavy heart that I announce that 2016 will be my final year playing shows.” he shouted online on August 9, 2016.

Fast forward to August, 2017 and the internet is in a frenzy over a facebook post. “WHY IS SOUND REMEDY COMING BACK???? …I am coming back to music and giving it my full attention again is because I want to inspire those who believe in the music and only the music.” He announced to thousands of rejoicing fans.

It seems during the year he took off and immersed himself in different experiences around the globe he was able to create a fresh perspective on music and the industry in this day and age. In a time of where it’s all about branding, Sound Remedy wants to make sure artists keep focus on what’s truly important. He doesn’t believe in “gimmicks and marketing” and wants to take a stand for what dance music is about at its core, the music.

“There has been this vibe in the dance music community for the past few years that branding has become equally as important, if not more important than the music.”

Do you agree? Check out his full statement below!