Alison Wonderland Collaborates With Microsoft for New Visuals

Alison Wonderland

Alison Wonderland dropped news of a massive North American tour and she fully intends to make this the best ever show as she teams up with Microsoft to create more interactive visuals.

Being a DJ is much more challenging than it looks, besides moving fast to spin live, Alison Wonderland also has had to deal with critics who don’t believe that she is mixing live. To prove her skills, she has worked hard with her creative team to give fans visuals that show more of what happens behind the deck. To dispel those critics, the display at shows projects visuals of her hands mixing live. She’s come a long way from radio stations rejecting her productions to collaborating with one of the biggest tech companies to create groundbreaking visuals.

Microsoft is providing technology to help her better connect with her audience at shows by using a Kinect to track her movements. In close collaboration with her VJ, Alex Vincente, Alison Wonderland will fulfill her vision of a cinematic show. Writing music is cinematic process and with the new technology, the crowd can get a glimpse into her thought.

The Kinect is a portable piece of equipment that can help elevate a show. The camera tracks motion and relays it to a Surface Book that the VJ controls. Using information from the Kinect and a software called Resolume, Vincente projects visuals connected to the performer’s movements onto screens.

Lollapalooza will see her debut the new show and feel a deeper connection to Alison Wonderland with every beat booming out of the speakers. She will bring the interactive visuals with her on the FMUOASL tour and along with the album that she is finishing up, there is much room for experimentation as she works to produce a show that bridges the distance between the stage and the dancing crowd.