KSHMR Shares His Thoughts On The DJ Mag Top 100

If any of you are familiar with the DJ Mag Top 100, chances are your feelings towards it are about as bleak as Jon Snow’s feelings toward the Night King. So when DJ/producer KSHMR sat down with Line Out FM in Israel to talk about his feelings about the Top 100 poll, you’d think he would denounce it like the rest of us, right? Uhh well not so fast…

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KSHMR spoke quite positively about the notorious Top 100 poll. Instead of talking ill about it, he took the opportunity to thank his fans for continuously supporting him over the years. Without using any ploys or scams, KSHMR rose to number 12 in last year’s poll. He will undoubtedly enter the top 10 this year. While all of us have focused on the nonsense the DJ Mag poll brings year in and year out, KSHMR proves to see the good in everything. Well done, dude.