iPhone 8 Production Might Be Facing Their “Worst Scenario Possible”

iphone 8

iphone 8

As we all are well aware, the cell phone business has exploded into its own industry over the last decade or so. What used to be a few small, handheld devices, produced by 2 or 3 major companies and made for communicating with other people via voice, has become an array of “smart” phones. Made all over the world by tons of different technology companies, these new phones have transformed into an extension of our hands. Calling other people’s phones is one of their least used functions now.

The phone that might have pioneered this revolution is the iPhone made by Apple, who is currently preparing to release their 8th edition of their phone: the iPhone 8. They try to advance their phones as much as possible with each generation, which sometimes leads to hiccups. One of the latest advances in cell phones is their screens and the size of them – though we have seen a recurring problem with companies trying to continually evolve them. We have learned that the iPhone 8 could have a different screen than the iPhone 7, and although we do not know the details, this could be something that is holding up the production phase of the phone.

It is reported that there could be an issue with production of the OLED panels, which build the actual screen. This problem is a major step of the production process that could throw off the release and ship dates for the new phones. Shipping may be pushed back into October or November and possibly even 2018 if it takes long enough, which people are calling the “worst scenario possible”.

If Apple is able to obtain their OLED parts in time, hopes are that the production should not be delayed as much. Either way, we will be seeing a beautiful new iPhone very soon – but with a technology company as large as Apple, all it takes is one minor bump in the road like this to throw off their entire year.