Denver Approves 3-Day Music Festival With Superfly


The Denver city council has officially approved the concept of a major 3-day Music Festival to take place at Overland Park Golf Course after voting 10-3 in favor of it. The five-year deal between Denver and promoters, Superfly Productions, will begin in 2018 allowing the festival to take place in the second or third weekend of September each year. 

Superfly are not new to the festival scene as they are the promoters behind San Francisco’s Outside Lands and Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The council members voted in favor due to Superfly addressing community concerns in their festival plans as well speaking about a significant financial boon. 

The festival is expected to bring in around 30,000 to 40,000 per day for the first year with a cap set at 80,000 as the festival grows. Superfly will need control of the grounds for 5 weeks for build-up and tear-down and will pay a $200,000 lease in exchange for that time. 

In addition, the city will receive a 10% seat tax, $2 per ticket for a golf fund and $1 per ticket for a community fund. One attendance grows to 70,000 per day, the city anticipates the profit from hosting the festival will be around $2 million. 

Superfly is required to restore the turf and all other aspects of the gold course once the festival ends. Local residents were concerned with the environmental impact and overall disruption to their homes, but in the end, the council voted in favor of the Superfly Festival and it will take place September 2018 at Overland Park Golf Course in Denver, Colorado. 


[H/T: DenverPost]