Sacha Robotti Announces SlothAcid North American Tour

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Beloved Dirtybird DJ Sacha Robotti has made a name for himself amongst techno and house lovers across the board. His ever evolving and innovative sound has captured the attention of fans and fellow artists alike, shooting his talent to very visible popularity as of late. Following the release of his Melato Nina EP on Dirtybird Records, Robatti also dropped a string of North American tour dates and he’s calling it the SlothAcid Tour. Need some explanation for the peculiar title? Here’s what the man himself had to say:

“Since I’ve used a sloth logo for my parties in LA this past year, the sloth has become a spirit animal that has been increasingly associated with my artist persona. Sloths are an endangered species and are friendly, chill creatures who like to sleep a lot and seem to live happily in the moment—qualities I can relate to, especially today in our performance-driven society. The legend goes that magic sloth candy blew minds during my set at Desert Hearts Festival 2017, after which I started using the term ‘SlothAcid’ to describe the style of electronic music that I like to play out at festivals and clubs: a mix of groovy, emotional, weird, psychedelic music with tough beats that hopefully will take you on a journey through spacetime.”

Robatti is a talent not to be missed and a show every techno lover should witness. Check out the dates below and grab tickets here!

Sacha Robotti: SlothAcid Tour
September 8th – Kelowna, BC, Canada @ Sapphire w/ Chris Lake
September 9th – Edmonton, BC, Canada @ Church of John w/ Chris Lake
September 15th – Boston, MA @ Bijou w/ Chris Lake
September 16th – San Bernadino, CA @ Nocturnal Wonderland Festival
September 30th – Houston, TX @ Praia Urbana
October 7th – Chicago, IL @ Spybar w/ J Worra
October 8th – Bradley, CA @ Dirtybird Campout
October 12th – Sacramento, CA @ District 30 w/ Kevin Knapp
October 13th – Austin, TX @ Ethics w/ Kevin Knapp
October 14th – Denver, CO @ Vinyl w/ Kevin Knapp
October 19th – Seattle, WA @ Q Nightclub w/ Pezzner
October 21st – Portland, OR @ No Vacancy w/ Pezzner
October 26th – Detroit, MI @ Grasshopper Underground w/ Fancy Fux
October 27th – Albuquerque, NM @ Effex w/ Rybo
October 29th – Orlando, FL @ Elixir w/ Fancy Fux
November 3rd – El Paso, TX @ Club Here I Love You w/ J Worra
November 4th – Phoenix, AZ @ Scarlet w/ J Worra

Sacha Robotti – Melato Nina EP