Berghain-themed Card Game Available for Pre-order Now

Bergnein character cardsBerghain-themed Card Game Available for Pre-order Now

Bergnein, the Berghain-themed card game is taking pre-orders after disputes with the legendary Berlin techno club and the original fundraiser being shut down.

A Kickstarter campaign was launched last year to fund the production of Berghain ze Game, but Berghain claimed copyright issues and the Kickstarter was shut down. Game creators, Alexander Kandiloros and Joakim Bergkvist, renamed their creation hoping to appease the opposition.

Based on Berghain’s infamously difficult door policy, players will get to be the bouncer and determine who is allowed entry. All kinds of characters are trying to get in, each guest in line has a score from -2 to +5 and players can only let in the best guests. With a crowd ranging from Goldilocks to Hipsters and Burners, players have their job cut out for them as Berghain door staff. To make the game more challenging, there are also action cards that disrupt line order. The game requires strategy and luck, the same skills that might be needed to get pass Berghain’s bouncers in real life.

Players have the option to make the game a quick 10 minute round or make the game the activity of the night instead of going to Berghain with two modes of game play. Now available for preorder, the game will begin shipping in October 2017. Bergnein is also offering anyone who preorders a €5 discount and free worldwide shipping.

Preorder the game here and practice strategy to enter Berghain before making the trip to Berlin.