Berghain ze Game Allows You to Be a Bouncer at the Infamous Club

The entrance rate at Berghain, one of the world’s most infamous club, is so bad that unless you have a magic wand, the chances of seeing inside of those walls of the former power plant turned clubbing establishment are slim to none. Now, the average peasant gets a chance at revenge; enacting their own harsh rules for entrance in the form of a card game.

Earlier this year, Beyond Festival’s mini-Berghain, called ‘Berghenk’ as well as the VR simulator for the Berghain line became popular with the parodies of the exclusive nature continuing to roll in. Sven Marquardt, a career bouncer at the club, whom made it his duty to turn people away on a regular basis, is featured in ‘Berghain ze Game’.

“All kinds of people are standing in line trying to get in to Berghain, the world’s most notorious night club. As one of Berghain’s legendary bouncers, it’s your job to foster the right mix. Let the right people in, outshine your colleagues and win the game!”

Being able to foster your inner bouncer is everything is this game. Complete with a slew of different guests which include college kids, stoners, bloggers and much, much more. A score between -2 and +5 are allotted to each guest as the cards form a single file line and they approach the bouncer. With five guest categories that include pink cards (the most valuable), it’s your job to collect the best guests, equaling the most points.

The game has yet to hit full production, as it needs a little help getting off the ground. The developers will launching a Kickstarter soon so that you can enjoy this experience in the comfort of your own home or even better yet, play it on your way to getting rejected at the real Berghain in Berlin.

Via: Stoney Roads