Viral Sensation Judge Forgives Unpaid DJ

In a remarking display of compassion and a judge in Rhode Island forgave a DJ for his disorderly conduct charge. Judge Frank Caprio felt that the DJ had suffered enough punishment in addition to not getting paid and dropped his charges. The DJ, Joseph Stocci, was kicked out of a nightclub for attempting to fight a bouncer. According to Stocci, the situation was much more complicated than that.


Stocci stated that he attempted to buy two drinks but was denied by the bartender due to it being past last call. Stocci then went to another bartender who had no problem in giving the DJ drinks, however, the first bartender Stocci had approached came around, stopped the transaction and ordered that Stocci be thrown out of the club. This is when the situation escalated. Stocci tried to regain access to speak with the promoter to receive pay but was denied access. He understandably got mad and threw a good number of profanities which resulted in him getting arrested.

The Judge after hearing Stocci’s statement said,”He didn’t get paid, he got banged around, he spent a night in jail, I think you’ve been punished enough“.

This hasn’t been the first time Judge Caprio’s mercy has caught the world’s attention. The Rhode Island judge has had multiple videos of his trials that have gone viral. His decisions for dropping tickets and charges have caused him to rise into fame with viewers stating “A little bit of Judge Caprio everywhere would make this world a better place”. Judge Caprio wants to show the world that the government can also help and is not only there to discipline. He credits his kind-heartedness to his father who showed him compassion and says he’s only doing what his father taught him.

The videos are featured on the Caught in Providence TV show and its Youtube Channel.