Sam Feldt Calls Out Opening DJ For Using His Tracks

Sam Feldt Opening DJ

Sam Feldt Calls Out Opening DJ

An effective opening DJ is supposed to get the crowd started, but not worn out. And while they can, it is common courtesy to keep from playing the hits of the headliners they’re preceding. One particular DJ who opened up for Sam Feldt decided to ignore these “unwritten rules” and chose to get the party going as soon as possible.

Sam Feldt recently headlined Foynhagen’s Tropical Tuesday event with Burak Yeter as his opener. Instead of playing tropical house, he decided to play Scooter as well as some of Feldt’s hit songs. Obviously, that’s not ok as it takes away from the headliner’s set. Immediately after his set, Yeter took to Twitter accusing Feldt and his manager of jealousy. Feldt was quick to respond and explained why his manager asked for Yeter to stop playing. It’s apparent that he wasn’t ok with the situation, especially since Yeter was insulting him afterward. Check out the entire interaction on Twitter below:

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