Ookay Tweets He is Working on a New Album

ookay new album
Ookay decided to skip the hype and dive straight to the point in just under 140 characters. He nonchalantly shared that an album is in the works, and referred to the excitement as “wowie.” Wowie indeed.


Ookay broke through the electronic music scene in 2016 with his future bass love-ballad ‘Thief‘. The feels-inducing track rippled across countless music festivals and gave Ookay the credibility as a leading up-and-comer. To date he’s co-produced hits like ‘Bouncer‘ and ‘Chasing Colors‘ with top influencers in the game, Marshmello and Showtek. It will be a breath of fresh air to witness the production capabilities on his individual new album. For now, we know only that there is a project in the works. Stay tuned for more details.